Where do i post dj mixes?

Wherae do i post my dj mixes? Ok so it sounds good in the bedroom and i’m ready for exposure.  I want to get my name out there.  As i told you early in the first class you need a good Dj name.  Something fun and marketable.  I decided to name myself Djdealeyo after being a big fan of Busta Rhymes song “Put Your Hands Up Where My Eyes can See”  where he says alot What the deale yo.  I thought it was clever and here i am.  You need to decide your name do it before you post your first mix.

So where do i go to post my dj mixes?


mix cloud dj mixes
mixcloud dj mixes

#1 Mixcloud is benefiting from the soundcloud debacle.  The benefits of Mixcloud is that the whole site is free and you can put up as much as you want.  A Great place to establish your library of mixes.  People are moving on to mixcloud from soundcloud.  I think the social aspect still has a long way to go.  As soon as they fix that, I think it has the potential to be a great site.  You can cut and paste your playlist easy from a list.  They also need to make it more social to encourage listens.  My listens are  lowest on this website.

dj mixes at house mixese

#2 – I was a little late in finding house-mixes but in general i like the site.  The music genre specifics are outstanding.  Surprising enough i get more urban listens on this site.  The amount of people listening is incredible.  I think this site is more international.


mix dj music mixes

mix.dj music mixes


#3- Mix.Dj-This might be the biggest shock of my list so far as it is not very well known site.   But just because you haven’t been there DOES NOT mean you should forget it.  Mix Dj is a FUN Site.  It’s very friendly and the most interactive as i put music up and get lots of listeners providing me feedback.  I get alot more plays on this website than any other combined which is the most important to me. I don’t get alot of feedback on Soundcloud and mixcloud.


#4 play.fm-  I also like Play FM. Easy tracklist upload very quick.  Sometimes i lose all of my info and i have to start over.  Not alot of social activity either.

#5- Podomatic.com-  Everybody likes to be able to use I tunes and it’s more for Podcasting.  I wish i knew how to promote on this site.   It would be nice to be able to search itunes and find my podcast too.  There’s a connection to itunes which is by far the most popular audio player with it’s connection to the iphone, ipad, etc.

#6 Hearthis.net-  This is a new website i found.  Becoming more and more popular.  I like that i don’t have to upload everything.  I can use a link to connect my mix to hearthis.  lots of social activity too.

#7   PromoDj.com-  Very complicated to navigate through all the features as there are an abundunce of them.  As soon as you figure out where to do its very easy to use.

#8  Mixcrate.com is an older site but still credible.  I can’t stand there tracklist import and it drives me crazy that i can’t just cut and paste my playlist.  It would be higher if they can stop the strict guidelines.


I just joined some new sites



I will review them as i find out more about them.


soundcloud dj mixes website


Soundcloud used to be the big dog on the block.  The problem is they got bought out by some of the major music labels.  So what does that mean?  Copywright infringement.  They really destoyed their reputation by shutting alot of people down even the biggest djs.  What’s the harm in doing a promo mix to show off your dj skills.  Shame on you soundcloud.

I’m going to add more but this is a good start.  Feel free to add if you want to get in on the discussion


Acidplanet.com-  Most of my old mixes are up on sony’s acidplanet not much interaction anymore


UPDATED 9/2/15