Dj Classes Long Island

With everything we learned so far,  in the third session we put it all together.   By this time we’ve made a few mixes and I’ve told you how to make your mixing better.  At this point i try to give some pointers on my gig preperation and how I […]

Mixtrack Advanced (3rd Session)

gift certificate
Not sure what to get that special someone this holiday season.  Let me suggest a gift certificate for learning how to Dj.   At Li Dj School we start you on the road to becoming a Dj.  No equipment is required until after the 2nd class.  For only $150 dollars […]

Gift Certificates are now available

Dj Mixes
Secrets of Making the dj mix I’ve made over 300 mixes online in alot of different music genre’s.  If you want your mix to stand out i will key you in on some of the secrets that i go through.  To put out a mix that people want to listen to […]

Secrets of Making The DJ Mix

mixtrack pro intermediate
You now know the basics on the Mixtrack Pro 2 and Virtual Dj.  Now were going to talk about using some of the effects of the unit.  We are also going to manipulate more of the highs, mediums, and lows.  Going to incorporate the microphone.  I will also go through […]

Mixtrack Pro Intermediate